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High efficiency with low consumption. Maximum 45 Watt energy (the largest model) is    used during night time. Tube efficiency approximately 3000 hours. No moving parts &  service costs are low.

High Safety:

Scientifically designed to operate well below maximum allowable milli-Amperes.


The apparatus has proven itself for the past 22 years as the most effective way of destroying insects like mosquitoes, moths, fruit flies and most night flying insects.


The insect killers are manufactured of a fire retardant rust free material & is suitable      for coastal areas as well as dry inland conditions. The apparatus is warranted for 1 year. Except when plug or cord has been removed (Fluorescent tubes excluded)


Installation is very easy. Plug into a wall socket & switch on. The ideal height is about    2 to 3m above ground & about 6 to 10 meters away from the area to be covered.





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