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Glue Board Flytraps

This unit is designed for indoor use such as :

  • Bakeries  
  • Butcheries  
  • Restaurants, etc  

It works with a glueboard strip that has glue on both sides of the board. The glueboard  strip is easy to remove and replace. The  “louvre” panels on the sides are also removable for cleaning purposes. It also has a catch tray at the bottom. The glueboard   strip can  also be purchased seperately.


Dog Control Unit

Dog control unit – Pulse

  • 1 x 3000 v DC transformer    
  • Switch    
  • Warning Pilot Light    
  • Screw Connection  
  • Pulse Red LED (indicates if unit is switched on)

    Pulse control PC unit 
  • Three core input cable with 3 pin plugtop  
  • Click To download - Installation instructions:  

Ideal To: 

  • Keep animals out of your property and keep animals inside your boundaries    
  • Protect your garden against dogs    
  • Protect birds against rats    
  • Protect vegetable gardens against rats and mice  


Rat Cage

  • This cage is perfect to catch rodents if poisons are not allowed or don’t want to      be used. It’s very durable and easy to use.  


Rodent Bait Station

  • By law one is required to have all poisons (solid or liquid) put in to a tamperproof container.   
  • This rodent bait station is called a “MICKI BOX” and is 100% tamperproof.  
  • This bait station can be installed on the floor or against the wall even if a liquid  form of poison is being used.   
  • It’s also very durable & ALL parts can be purchased seperately.  


Electronic Insect Killers

  • The insect electrocuter is suitable for houses, kitchens, gardens, barbeques, farm diaries, butcheries, hotels, hospitals, fruit farms, sheep sheds, recreation clubs,   caravan parks, nurseries, rose gardens, irrigation fields, orchards, caravans, restaurants, etc. 





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